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The note: the Given page is created not with the purpose of self-advertisement. For the answer to questions: who the author of the project? Whether has sufficient experience for his realization?


   My name is Danilko Igor, was born in 1966. The teacher of geography of the supreme category. I have a rank " The Best teacher of Republic Bashkortostan ".

 I live in city of Tuimazy.I am engaged hiking on the Ural mountains since 16 years.  I have ended Natural - geographical faculty of the Bashkir pedagogical institute (city of Ufa). In student's years was engaged in mountaneering on Caucasus, Pamir, Tien Shan. Three seasons worked as a collector on geological expeditions of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of sciences on East Altai. Participated in hiking on Kamchatka, Baikal, Subpolar Ural, High Tatra (Slovakia). 

      Having ended pedagogical institute, I work as the teacher of geography at school where has organized school geographical club " Raimantau ".  I Hiking with the pupils on Bugulma-Belebey a plateau and to the Ural mountains and caves. Our club is the winner of various geographical and ecological competitions and conferences. We are a collective member of Russian geographical society of pupils. In detail about activity of club it is possible to find out on website http://raimantau.narod.ru/

  In 2000 I was awarded with the Main prize of the International competition " The kindest lesson " - " The Crystal turtle ".

In 2001 became " The Teacher of year " Cities of Tuimazy, and there was the winner of republican competition " a Teacher of year Bashkortostan " in a nomination " Innovation and search ". My program " The Organization of after-hour research activity of pupils in the form of school geographical club " became the winner of the All-Russia open competition " Pedagogical innovations - 2002 ".

  I like to work at school and hiking with the pupils.   I want, that the youth had opportunity to travel with a backpack. In the school club I can take in hiking thirty guys, on the Ural track - tens thousand.



 All offers, remarks, additions to the project are interesting to us. Whether you consider, what " The Ural track " is necessary? You want hiking on the future track? Whether you want to help realization of the project " The Ural track "? Write.

mailto: uraltrail@mail.ru

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