The Ural park trail.


The project of a hiking trail taking place on mountains of Southern and Average Ural

The purpose of the project:


- Creation of a trail connecting national parks " Bashkiria ", "Iremel", "Zjratkul" and "Taganai".

- Extent of a route will make 550 kilometers (340 miles).): from Nugush water basins (Meleuz, Region Bashkortostan) up to mountain Yrma (Karabast, Chelyabinsk area).

- On a trace there will be a marks by a bright paint, places for parking are equipped, the edition of a map and the guidebook is planned, all necessary information will be placed on a special website.


- What for "The Ural trail " is necessary?

-Problems and tasks which are necessary for solving for the organization of a trail.

About the author of the project


All offers, remarks, additions to the project are interesting to us. Whether you consider, what " The Ural track " is necessary? You want hiking on the future track? Whether you want to help realization of the project " The Ural track "? Write.





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