What for "The Ural trail " is necessary?

  Hiking tracks are widely distributed abroad. The first trail a - Long trace was created in USA in state Vermont in 1910, its extent has made 270 miles (435 kilometers), this trail is sight of staff. The longest and well-known track - Appalachian Trail. She crosses Appalachskie mountains from the north on the south during 2174 miles (3500 kilometers), is created in 1925. Millions people travelled on it, and some thousand person have passed her completely. In USA it is a lot of clubs of amateurs Appalachian Trail, and adjoining to it the territory is declared by national park. www.appalachiantrail.org Similar trails, it is significant smaller length are equipped and in the European countries (Norway, Switzerland, Slovakia). Due to them thousand people have an opportunity actively to have a rest, to conduct a healthy way of life, to travel. Foot trails are popular all over the world, therefore has ripened necessity of creation of such trail and for Russia.  

   What we will be given with " The Ural trail "?

- Each healthy person independently can go on it, not being afraid to lose the way, having a detailed map and the guidebook.

- Places the trail will approach close to settlements, whence in case of need it will be possible to leave from a trail to receive the first medical aid, to buy products, to take advantage of telephone and post communication. On many sites probably using connection GSM.

- On a trail schoolboys and students, youth of the industrial enterprises, middle-aged people can travel with a backpack behind shoulders, being collected thus of the physical and spiritual forces, abstract from alcohol and drugs the healthy way of life, enjoying a natural and pure  nature of Ural.

- Presence of the equipped trail, booklets and books about it will promote growth of authority of Russia, many amateurs of hiking from foreign countries will want to make travel on the Ural trail.

- Convenient position near to large cities of Ural and the Volga region, small removal from the Central Russia, good access roads, will promote filling of a trail by numerous amateurs of campaigns, travels, a healthy way of life.


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