-Problems and tasks which are necessary for solving for the organization of a  trail.

What tasks and problems need to be solved first of all for the organization of the Ural trail? Them a little:

- The most important is a careful relation to the Ural nature. Already that the trail will be accessible only for travelling on foot strongly will not disturb natural complexes. It will be necessary to make Laws of behaviour on a trail. The route of a trail should be coordinated with regional committees on wildlife management, scientific biologists and ecologists. The hiking trail is too an effective method of protection of a nature and ecological education of the population. By the way, in USA the federal law forbidding accepted to cut down the state woods on distance up to four kilometers from Appalachian Trail, and private woods are redeemed on donations travelling on a trail.

- The project should be covered in mass media. Conversations with the population of villages and settlements taking place close with a projected trail that they were interested in its creation are necessary.

- It is necessary to solve the legal status of a trail: whether it will be organized by the state at the Ministry of natural resources and on its service budgetary funds will be allocated, or " The Ural trail " will be public organization, or probably any merge of these two legal forms.

 " The Ural trail " should be created in view of experience of creation and functioning Appalachian Trail and the Long Trace of USA.

    The project " The Ural trail " does not demand the big money. For a trail it is possible to use existing glades and the deserted earth roads which presence considerably will reduce the price of the project. Interest of the Ministry of natural resources of Russia, support of heads of regions are necessary only.

How the trail will be created?

  The first stage - preliminary should be carried out this year. His main trail - distribution of idea of a trail to MASS-MEDIA, discussion and the coordination of the project with representatives of the Ministry of natural resources, bodies of the government of Republic Bashkortostan and Chelyabinsk area.

- The second stage - arrangement of a trail. It  can be carried out since May till October of the next year. In his realization, at presence of financing, representatives of regional managements of the ministry of natural resources, workers of a forestry, students of geographical and biological faculties of universities of Ufa, Chelyabinsk and Ekaterinburg, other cities can take part.

- The third stage - creation of a detailed map and the guidebook to a trail and their edition, accommodation of detailed materials about a trail in WEB in Russian, English and the European languages. Creation of rules for travelling on a track. All this should be carried out to spring 2007.

- The fourth stage - operation of the Ural trail - May - October 2007. Perfection of the project during the first season of work of a track.

All offers, remarks, additions to the project are interesting to us. Whether you consider, what " The Ural track " is necessary? You want hiking on the future track? Whether you want to help realization of the project " The Ural track "? Write.


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